Conventionally Extracted Product
Conventionally Extracted Products are offered in powder based form. With having 2 -3 years  of storage life, these are available in 70% to 95% pure form. Provided substances have been obtained from seeds, leaves and fruits of different medicinal plants.
Drug And Cosmetic Colors
Provided Drug And Cosmetic Colors are synthetic pigments that are safe to be applied on eyes, body, lips and face. These are FDA certified for their non toxic content and these can be stored for up to 3 years.
Supercritical Oil
Supercritical Oils have been produced from flowers, peel, roots and seeds of various herbs under controlled temperature and pressure range. These are acknowledged for their unique therapeutic value and are suitable for aromatherapy utilization purpose.

Spice And Herb Extracts
Spice And Herb Extracts have been procured from well chosen flowers, seeds and roots of medicinal plants. These are offered in 90.5% to 95% purity range and these can be stored for maximum 3 years of duration.
Ingredients For Baking Industry
Offered Ingredients For Baking Industry are used as effective leavening factors, as ph controllers and also as additives in food processing field. Ph level of these substances ranges between 9.5 to 10.2.
Lake Colors
Lake Colors are used as important ingredients for confectionery products, cosmetics and various processed food. These synthetic food coloring factors have 9.9% purity level and are suitable for producing medicinal items.
Natural Flavour
Offered assortment of Natural Flavors is produced from flowers, roots, seeds and barks of selected herbs. With having 99.9% pure content, these are used as important ingredients  of  a number of confectionery items and other dishes.
Natural Food Colors
Natural Food Colors have been obtained from sources like beetroot, chlorophyll and carotenoid etc. These food quality colors can be stored for maximum 2 years. We offer these in powder or liquid form.
Supercritical Extracts
Supercritical Extracts are obtained from roots, leaves and seeds of well chosen herbs by adopting carbon di oxide based solvent under specific pressure. Offered extracts possess unique antifungal and antibacterial attributes.
Supercritically Processed Product
Supercritically Processed Products are obtained from flower, fruit and stem of various plants of unique medicinal properties. With having up to 3 years of storage life, these are mainly used as color and flavor enhancing factors.

Water Soluble Blends
Water Soluble Blends are offered in powder form. These have 99.9% purity level and these can be stored for maximum 2 years. These odor free substances have been produced from flowers and fruits of various plants.
Water Soluble Synthetic Food Colors
Water Soluble Synthetic Food Colors are used as suitable color enhancing agents in medicinal products, confectionery items, beverages and other processed edible items.  These are offered in 99.9% pure form.

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